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C. Michael McCoy Residential Designs, Inc.

excellence in building design, illustration and construction documentation

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T H E   D E S I G N   P R O C E S S

We have a well-established design process that takes the client from the conceptual phase through the detailed construction drawing phase. Our clients remain engaged in every aspect of the design and preliminary bidding process. By doing so, we are able to achieve the goal of a beautifully designed home that meets the Owner's budget requirements.
Our Design Process:
1. Pre-Design Phase
  • Initial meeting with the client to discuss the project parameters in detail
    , including design criteria and budgeting.
  • Preliminary site evaluation to ascertain the existing conditions and neighboring environment.
  • Perform fieldwork as necessary to document the existing structures if applicable (e.g. measure & photograph).
  • Preliminary analysis of land development regulations (zoning), Deed Restrictions, FEMA regulations and building codes.
2. Schematic Design Phase
  • Conceptual design sketches and drawings of the site plan, floor plans, roof plan and exterior elevations.  
  • Design documents presented to Client for the initial review and comment period. 
3. Design Development Phase
  • Revise and further develop the design drawings reflecting all client directed revisions per plan reviews.
  • Prepare a final preliminary design Bid Set to obtain preliminary construction pricing.
  • Review contractor bids with the client and provide a cost analysis and comparison if necessary.
  • Revise the final design/bid drawings if required to meet budget constraints.
  • Work closely with the client's or contractor's Interior Designer.


4. Construction Document Phase

  • Detailed construction drawings are prepared by the Designer suitable for obtaining a building permit.
  • Designer engages the services of consulting professional engineers as required and coordinates all required drawings.
  • Designer can provide contract administration services including site inspections, progress reporting, etc.